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Scuff Planning Notes

The idea for Scuff began with a piece of scrap. About a year back, Steve was cutting out Sintra circles to test his CNC. He tossed a couple to us during a BuildFest. We traded with someone so as to have two of the same color. Having just finished the round Abcore Turbot, I held up the circles and jokingly said that we should make a Turbot out of them.

Everyone laughed and that, for some reason, made me want to actually go thru with it. It took us about a year to get it all done. I kept redesigning the body. Frankly, only the Micro Robot Contest prompted us to finished Scuff.


Our robots are built to be disassembled and reassembled. To this end, with Scuff we are using an eight-pin female port for connecting both motors and the top solar cell and photodiode. This is the planned pin-out:



















1) Motor 1 in 1, Pin 12 and 13
2) Motor 1 in 2, Pin 16
3) Motor 2 in 2, Pin 16
4) Motor 2 in 1, Pin 14 and 15
5) Photodiode Up Cathode, to Vcc
6) Photodiode Up Anode, to Photodiode Down Cathode
7) Solar Cell 1 V+, to Solar Cell 2 Gnd
8) Solar Cell 1 Gnd, to Gnd

About the Name

I messed up the top when using the Dremel to etching a space for the solar cell and diode. The side of the Dremel touched down and scuffed the surface. “Well, looks like we will have to call it scuff,” said Joe.